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About Us

Meet Mercy + Suzette

Suzette McPherson is owner and CEO of Mercy’s Play + Stay. Mercy is her rescue who joined the family just after Suzette regained her strength from a yearlong battle with breast cancer. Mercy was named after the hospital that took such great care of Suzette.

Why Mercy's Play + Stay

At Mercy’s Play + Stay everything we do revolves around our love of doggies and community. We love doggies as much as you do because we’re doggy parents, too.

At Mercy’s Play + Stay, our mission is to help make the Emerald Coast a better place to be a doggy parent. When life gets hectic and you want to make sure your doggy gets all the attention and love they deserve, regardless of your schedule, we are here to help provide a safe, fun, loving environment. 

When it comes to doggies, we understand that they aren’t pets, they’re members of the family. When you trust us with your doggy, we promise to do our very best to fill the role of loving them when you’re at work or play.

Mercy’s promises to provide a safe, exciting, climate-controlled environment for doggy daycare, sleepovers and a Spaw for all their grooming needs.

Each doggy Mom or Dad will have peace of mind knowing their doggy receives exceptional care, coupled with loving, personalized service at competitive pricing.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 7am - 6:30pm
Saturday: 8am - 10am
Sunday: 8am - 10am
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