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Dog Training

Dog training classes for all ages, breeds, and skill levels in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Basic Manners (Beginner)

This class is based on the CGC test, which is a 10 part test that will show how well your dog can do with distractions and impulse control.

Advanced Class

Passed with flying colors during Basics? This Advanced class is based on the CGCA, a test where we are out in the real world and those distractions are put to the test.

Therapy Class

This is for those owners who want to bring their dogs to hospitals, nursing homes, etc. High stress situations will put your dog through the test and see how we react. This is a very intense class, and dogs are not able to show any sort of fear or aggressive behaviors before their first visit. The testing is based on the International Therapy Dog Test.

Puppy Class

A new puppy? We’re here for you! We go over all basic things that puppies (& owners) should know and make sure to answer any of those teething, potty training, “chewing our nice shoes” questions you may have. Socialization is key, and this will definitely give them a better understanding of the world around them.

Trick Class

This is a class that showcases different tricks such as fetch and play dead. Want your dog to literally “jump through hoops” for you? We can make it happen.
Dog training classes for all ages, breeds, and skill levels in Fort Walton Beach Florida

Meet our down-to-earth, experienced and vet recommended dog trainer, Max.

My name is Max and here’s what I do: I love understanding dogs and their body language! I’ve been working in doggy daycares and training since 2016, and my goal is to help create and nourish relationships between dogs and owners. Each dog is unique, but they all speak the same language. It’s my job to better help owners understand their pup and strengthen those bonds.

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Sunday: Closed
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